More than 30 years experience in solar technology
More than 30 years experience in solar technology

Our expertise

As experienced solar PV engineers and business people, we have seen first-hand which systems give the most reliable and highest efficiency conversion of the sun's energy into electricity compared to your average installation.

Over 30 years in the solar business

Between our directors, we have 30 years of experience in the solar industry. We have been involved in research, technology development, and solar PV installation companies.

We have a passion for solar technology that encompasses all that we do. Our mission is to provide only the highest quality and most efficient solar PV installations available to home-owners and business owners around the UK.

We make solar make sense

There is so much confusion out there about solar PV technology and about the benefits of using solar energy - both the environmental benefits AND the financial benefits.

Our aim is to clear the air (literally) and to help you by giving you straight-forward information that will help you decide if solar is right for your home or business. If your roof or property isn't suitable for solar, we'll tell you.

Advice and consultation

We will come to you to evaluate your property and to give you a free, no nonsense quote on how much you should invest in solar to get the maximum benefit. Before then, plesae feel free to use our online savings calculator, our solar evaluation checklist, or our information on this site to help you make sense of solar.